Distributed Streaming System

How does Kafka behave like a Distributed Streaming System?

As per the documentation of Apache Kafka is a distributed streaming platform, but what does it actually mean?

A distributed system is a collection of systems working together to deliver functionality.

Characteristics of Distributed System

1. Availability and Fault-Tolerant

→ let's say one of the systems is down, still won’t impact the overall availability of the system. Even in this case, client requests will be handle gracefully.

2. Reliable work distribution

→ The request that received from the clients, in general, are equally distributed between the available systems.

3. Easily Scalable

→ It is easily scalable means adding new systems to the existing setup is really easy.

4. Handling Concurrency is fairly easy

→ Concurrency is another quality that can be handled fairly with distributed systems.

How Apache Kafka works?

we have a zookeeper and a Kafka broker running in our machine till now.

Kafka Cluster

To solve the above problem of broker failure we have a Kafka Cluster.

  • It is easy to scale the number of brokers in the cluster without affecting the clients.
  • In the event of failure or data loss, Kafka handles it using a Replication.

Kafka Tutorials

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